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Platinum Packing Service

Packing can be the most stressful and time consuming part of the whole moving experience. For this reason, we offer a Platinum Packing Service. Professional movers will come into your home with unlimited materials. They will wrap and pack up everything in your home from top to bottom.

We provide this service to help eliminate some of the stress and tension when moving long distance. We know that this is one of the most stressful experiences in one's life. Taking advantage of our Platinum Packing Service can help you and your family members make the best out of moving knowing that your household items are handled professionally and safely. Please visit out photo gallery so you may see how our movers handle each move with care.

We wrap and
box every item

Nationwide Van Lines ensures we protect each and every item from any dings or damage during the move. We use quilted padding and shrink wrap for your items that are not crated to ensure your items are exactly in the same condition as when they left. We use mattress covers to protect your mattresses from any dirt and/or damage during the move also marking & labeling each box to make it is easier for the movers & yourselves to locate the items.

We use only the best
packing materials

All specialized boxes & box crating with our quality edge crush tested certificate labels. Most of our competitors use economy pads while we use only the heaviest weighted pads available. This provides the best protection for your items during the move. Constructed of an extremely strong polyester/cotton blend of fabrics. Double stitched cloth binding for durability strength to prevent tearing.

We use more boxes per
room than our competitors

Why do we use more boxes per room than any of our competitors? The reason is simple, the more you put into a box the chances are items will move around during transit and possibly get damaged. We use the right size boxes for the for the quantity and size of your items to prevent shifting and jostling while in transit. Bubble wrap is used for each of your items as well as fewer items to eliminate pockets that could create abrasions. Our staff is extensively trained on how to properly pack a box and they know which boxes are best for the job.

We disassemble and
reassemble your items

We know the hassles of moving and the stress it creates. Our professional moving staff will take the time to disassemble your items that require boxing for transport, as well as set it up when arriving at your new location. This can be bedroom furniture, dressers, armoires, and much more. You can arrive at your new location and not worry about getting your toolbox out is to assemble your items.

Our platinum service takes
the stress out of moving

With this service, we are unmatched by any of our competitors with the amount of care and quality that goes into moving your items. With the best materials, to the amount of boxes we use to the extensively rigorous training of our staff. You can be reassured that your items will arrive at their new location in the same condition as they left.

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