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Packing the Living Room/Family Room

Packing your Curtains and Drapes: Fold the curtains or drapes into two lengthwise folds. Place them onto a hanger and hang inside a wardrobe box. You can also carefully fold them, place them into a clean garbage bag and pack them into a linen box (4.5 CuFt.).

Packing your Books, CD’s and DVD’s

It is better to pack Books, CD’s or DVD’s with their own kind (books with books, CD’s with CD’s, etc.) A small box (1.5 CuFt) is the perfect size for packing those items because of their weight. Make sure to properly seal the bottom of the box, than start placing items inside the box. Do not forget to fill empty spaces with crumbled paper to prevent the items from shifting inside the box while in transit.

Books - Approx. 40 Books per book box (1.5 CuFt)
CDs – Approx. 190 CDs per small box (1.5 CuFt)
DVDs – Approx. 95 per small box (1.5 CuFt)

Packing your Lamps and Lamp Shades: Lamp shades are very delicate items, they should be handled by their wire frames only. Very carefully wrap each shade with white paper and place it into a large box (4.5 CuFt). Keep in mind; always leave about 2 inches of space between the lamp shade and the box. Fill in empty spaces with crumbled paper. Do not forget to take out the bulb. The base of the lamp should be boxed in a special lamp box or china box (6.0 CuFt).

Packing Small Electronics and Small Appliances:

When packing small electronics or small appliances, the safest way is to pack them back in the original box (if those are handy of course). In case you did not save the original box: Small appliances such as clocks, radios and other small electronics can be packed into either a medium (3.0 CuFt), or a large box (4.5 CuFt). Carefully wrap the item with white paper (make sure to remove all batteries before packing and tighten the cord with tape to the article). Place a generous amount of crumbled paper at the bottom of the box and start placing the wrapped items into the box (keep in mind; you may also use linens as extra cushioning). Again, place a generous amount of crumbled paper on top of the items and seal with tape. Mark the box: Fragile – Top Load Required

Packing your Mirrors, Pictures and Glass Top Tables:

It is best to pack these kinds of fragile items with sheets of bubble wrap (quarter size bubbles) instead of white paper for extra protection. When packing mirrors, glass tops or paintings with glass on them, apply tape on the front in the shape of X – this action will prevent any additional damage if the glass brakes while in transit. Place wrapped items into a mirror/picture box and seal with tape. Always place items standing up and not laying flat.

*Feel free to ask your Certified Moving Consultant for more information and guiding.

Packing your Computer:

The safest way to pack your computer, if you do not have the original box; would be to wrap the computer/monitor with quarter size bubble wrap and place it into a double corrugated box. Fill in the gaps with crumbled paper and seal the box with a generous amount of tape and mark as– Fragile – Top Load Required.

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