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"Faster then expected, No Damages to anything"

- Brian Corrigan

"Absolutely wonderful! Thanks!"

- Emily & Jean Alderman

"Both movers were very nice, courteous and professional. Everything was explained well and items were wrapped well for shipping"

- Sandra Britton

Preparing The Large Appliances

When preparing your large appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, washing machine, dryer, etc.) for your upcoming relocation, it is very important that those appliances will be cleaned and dried out 24 hours prior to your move out day to prevent mold and mildew.


The dishwasher needs to be clean and dry (you can leave the dishwasher door open for few days before the move). Disconnect and drain the hose; after making sure it is completely dry, place the hose inside the dishwasher, lock the door and tape it shut for extra security.


The stove needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Remove all removable parts (i.e. burners, stove racks) and place them into a box clearly marking its contents. Tape the electricity cord to the back of the stove, lock the door and tape it as well. If you are moving a gas stove, please contact a service technician that will disconnect the gas hose safely.


Unplug the electricity cord and keep the refrigerator/freezer doors open for at least 24 hours prior to your move out day to allow all moisture to evaporate. Pack all of the loose items (such as drawers and shelves) inside a box clearly marking its contents. If you have an automatic icemaker or a water dispenser, make sure to disconnect the water line. Keep in mind that the water reservoir also needs to be empty and dry. Tape the electricity cord to the back of the refrigerator/freezer and do not forget to tape the refrigerator/ freezer doors shut.

Washing Machine

Clean and dry out the washing machine. Disconnect the hose and drain the water. Tape the electricity cord to the back of the washing machine. Secure the tub according to the manufactures guidelines. If you do not have the guide available, you can fill the tub with towels to prevent it from rotating while in transit. Tape the door shut for extra security.


Clean the lint screen. Disconnect the vent hose from the wall and from the dryer. Tape the electricity cord to the back of the dryer and tape the dryer door shut.

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