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Traveling with horses takes extra planning and care than with any other pets, but there are also many possible ways of transporting your horses. You can have your horse transported by air or on the road with a special tow vehicle, or you may choose to hire a special horse transport service to take care of the job for you.

Transport your Horse by Air

If you elect to have your horse transported by air; check with the airline well in advance of your estimated departure date to determine its requirements and fees. The airline will require you to provide a specially constructed stall for the purposes of the flight. Furthermore, you will be required to show documentation of your horse's health status prior to the flight. Depending on the destination state, other requirements may be required and you could need certification of your horse's immunizations.

Transporting your Horse by Road

If you choose to transport your horse by road, you may want to tow your horse in a trailer behind your vehicle. These trailers can be rented or purchased, and are usually roomy enough for storing the horse's food and tack. Only a driver experienced with the transportation of horses by this method should be trusted for this responsibility.

If you are making a long trip that requires overnight stays, you will need to make special arrangements for your horse. Be prepared to show health certificates if you plan to board your horse at a stable. During the move, feed and water your horse according to its normal routine.

Transporting your Horse by Carrier

If you choose to hire a horse transport company for the transportation of your horse, investigate the company to be sure that it is registered with the Interstate Commerce. It is also a good idea to purchase insurance in addition to what is provided by the transport company.

While it may be more expensive to hire a company to transport your horse, it may be worth the added expense in the long run. These businesses are extremely experienced with all aspects of transporting horses, and provide excellent services for the charge. Overnight accommodations are included by some companies in the transportation charge, as well as hay and tack shipment. Horses are exercised at intervals along the way, and all of the people dealing with your horse will be experienced and skilled.

Check with the regulations of your new state to determine health requirements and other laws applicable to your horse. Regardless of your mode of transport, your horse will need to be compliant with the laws in your new state upon its arrival. For more information, check with the State Regulatory Agency located in your new state.

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