Moving Calendar - 3 Weeks Prior to your Moving Date - Plantation - Coral Springs - Parkland FL
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3 Weeks Prior to the Move

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"These guys were great! Very hard working professional and careful. I will refer them to people in the future. Thank you!"

- Deana Zimmerman

"Delivery - Again, the movers were top notch. The best I have had, after many many moves"

- Jeff Witt

"They did an excellent job :-)"

- Andrea Carnaggio

    • Make sure you transfer all paper work needed such as doctor and dentist records, school records, auto/home insurance, bank account, etc. to your new location.

    • Get to know your new neighborhood! A short search online will provide you with the information you will need regarding local community guides, sports activities, schools, etc.

    • Make a list of valuable items that you would like to carry with you. Such as, important documents (wills, stock certificates), jewelry, medicine, items with sentimental value such as photo albums, etc. Be sure to pack these items into a box and place it in a safe place and mark it as "NOT TO BE MOVED". This will help with any chances that it will be accidently loaded on the truck.

    • Prepare a list of relatives, friends, businesses and others who should know about your move:


      • Cables
      • Internet
      • Telephone
      • Gas
      • Electric
      • Water
      • Sewer district
      • Trash service

      *Personal or professional services:

      • Dentist
      • Lawyer
      • Insurance agency
      • Dry cleaner
      • Pharmacy
      • Bank
      • Credit card companies
      • Lawn service
      • Gym of health club

    • Begin packing items that are not used often or that will not be used in this upcoming month: off season clothing, books, CDs, etc.

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