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2 Weeks Prior to the Move

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"Very courtious & friendly Thorough wrapping Racheal was very helpful too"

- Sara E

"Excellent - very professional, understanding, patient and competent"

- Dena Harris

"Very professional and knew exactly what they were doing and how to do it. Very prompt and courteous"

- Daniel Rayka

    • Start using things that cannot be moved such as frozen food, cleaning products, etc.

    • File a change of address. You can do it by using the US post office website ( ).

    • Make the proper arrangements to move your pets ( /

    • Be sure to arrange for utilities (gas, electricity, water, newspaper subscriptions, etc.) to be disconnected in your resident and to connect them in your new resident.

    • If this is an out of state move, make the proper arrangements for your plants. You can move them yourself, sell them in your garage sale or give them away. According to the D.O.T (Department of Transportation) they will not be able to be moved by your mover.

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