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Capital: Ankara
Population: 76,667,864 (2013)
Area: 302,535 sq. mi
Top 5 Largest Cities: 1. Istanbul 2. Ankara 3. Izmir 4. Bursa 5. Adana
Lanuage: Turkish
Climate: Temperate Mediterranean, continental and oceanic climate
Motto: “Tuvalu mot e Atua” / “Tuvalu for the Almighty”

Do you have your site set on moving to Turkey? We have everything you are looking for to set your household goods to sea the right way. Here at Nationwide Van Lines, we strive to keep your move safe and successful. We provide excellent service with a worry free fashion. Your smile at the end is our number one goal!

Required Documents for Import

Customs will be in need of certain documentation to make their process easy. Please take a look below at some of the needed documents of Customs.

Nufus mudurlugunden vukuatli nufus omega – Your ID Certificate from the Registry Office if you are a male returning citizens.

Certificate of Origin – Gives verification of which country your household goods (HHGS) are manufactured in.

Import Requirements and Documentation

We want to make sure that you are very aware of what’s to come with documentation. Below, we’ve prepared some documents to keep in mind to prepare yourself for your upcoming venture.

  • Work Permit
  • Your Original Bill of Lading (OBL)
  • Residence Visa
  • Your Passport showing your last entry stamp into Turkey for returning citizens. If you have a spouse, their information is also required.
  • Diplomatic Franchise if a Diplomat
  • Tax ID Number (TIN)
  • Power of Attorney to allow destination agent to clear your HHGS if not a Turkish citizens
  • Application letter
  • The Letter Guarantee issued by your Turkish employer
  • Detailed Inventory List listing the brand name and serial number for your electrical appliances
  • Your Permanent Return Certificate showing 2 years you residing at a residence abroad for returning citizens
  • Your Turkish Citizenship Number for returning citizens
  • Your original Bill of Lading
  • A Letter of Assignment from the government office for Diplomats and government officials
  • Export Declaration Form is a returning citizen
  • Originating residence Permit, a Rental Contract of at least 2 years, a Property Title or Deed for returning citizens
  • Letter of Customs

Additional detailed document requirements

  • ID Certificate from the Registry Office for a single male returning citizen.
  • You must be present physically at Customs for clearance if you are a Turkish citizen.
  • You must not pack your used appliances in its original box because it will be deemed as new.
  • Your original passport showing your last entry stamp into Turkey for returning citizens. If you have a spouse, the same applies.
  • Your shipment cannot arrive earlier than 2 months before you arrive in Turkey and no longer than 6 months after your arrival in Turkey.
  • Your detailed inventory list must have a description of every item with the brand name and the serial numbers of electrical items.
  • You can only import HHGS that are used.
  • Allow Customs 4 – 5 business days to clear your HHGS.
  • If a foreigner is looking to marry in Turkey, you must have your shipment arrive no sooner than 2 months prior or 24 months following your date of marriage. The Turkish spouse must reside in Turkey at least a year before the marriage date.
  • You must have the names on the Passport match the names on the OBL.
  • No items can be packed by owner (PBO).
  • Foreigners must show a Rental Contract that’s notary certified or an original Property Title or Deed. If you do not the previous, a Residence Permit and a work permit, you must pay a deposit of 30% above the HHGS worth or supply a Bank Guarantee. If you do not have neither of the previous and your goods are valued at $656.33 USD or more, you will be charge 20%.
  • Returning citizens must submit the original Permanent Return Certificate from the Turkish Consulate at the originating country. You can also present a copy of the Export Declaration Form you used from your export from Turkey if importing the same items. If you do not have either of the previous mentioned and your shipment is worth $656.33 USD or more, a 20% tax will be implied. If you cannot provide all previously mentioned, you can utilize a copy of your Rental Contract that’s certified by a notary or a Property Title or Deed.

The Examination of Household Goods and Entry Documents

Once your HHGS goods have arrived in Turkey along with your documents, both are subjected to examination by Customs. A CBP officer will examine your household goods to determine the value, correct markings, proper invoicing, existence of prohibited items, damages, deterioration and illegal narcotics. It’s important to assure all items are properly described and accounted for to avoid any delays or seizure of items. Once your items are approved for release, they are safeguarded by the proper officers.

Duty and Taxes

There are various duties and taxes due once your items are inspected. One can expect duties to range from 0 to 20%. Your Value-added Tax (VAT) will fall at 18%. There is also a Consumption Tax of 7 to 40% for certain items of luxury.

Duty-free Items

There are certain items that can be imported without the charge of duty. The importer must be 18 years or older to apply.

  • 400 cigarettes
  • 50 cigars
  • 100 cigarillos
  • 250 grams of tobacco
  • 1 liter of alcohol that’s over 22% volume or 2 liters of alcohol if under 22% volume
  • 2 kg of any food products
  • 600 ml of perfumes and eau de toilette
  • Souvenirs up to $ 188.15 USD in value for those 15 and older and $65.63 USD for those under 15

Labeling and Marking Requirements

The correct labeling and markings are very important for Customs. Each mark and label should be in the English language. Please take a look below to discover the marking and labeling requirements.

  • The name and address of the importer
  • The country of Origin
  • Clearly numbered in reflection of the inventory list
  • The quantity

Prohibited Items

Customs will keep an eye out for items that are not allowed to pass. Please take a look below at some of the items you must make yourself aware of to prevent any delays.

  • Drugs
  • Narcotics
  • Ammunition
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Explosives
  • Gambling machinery
  • Tobacco products
  • Meat
  • Mobile phones
  • Products that are meat-based.
  • Dairy products

Restricted Items

  • There are items which are allowed to be imported yet with restrictions. Please be attentive to quantities and volume to assure all of your HHGS can be imported successfully.
  • Up to two 75 ml of spirits
  • All alcoholic beverages will need a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture and Monopoly Management.
  • There are restrictions of fax machines and telecommunication equipment.
  • Knives require permission from the City Governor and the Police Department.
  • Weapons and sharp instruments require a special permit for permit.
  • You are allowed to import only 3 plants.
  • Duplicate electronic items will be charged duties
  • You must have used and owned your items for at least 6 months to be deemed used.
  • Artwork can only be imported if the artwork is replaceable, appraised by a gallery or art dealer within the last year, accompanied with a copy of the original invoice, proof of cost or a bill of sale for claims and the artist is still alive.
  • If importing antiques 100 years or older, you will need an expert report by the Turkish authorities.

Receiving your Household Goods

The liability for duties are paid once Customs has cleared your shipment for release. There are no options of prepaid duties or taxes prior to exportation from a foreign country. Once your shipment is filed with CBP, the party and only the party listed as the receiver can pick up the shipment. If your HHGS goods are warehoused, the party of liability can be changed to another party, most whom purchased the goods. The Customs broker cannot pay duties, but can accept a check written out to the Customs and Border Protection to forward. Once items are received, all articles are deemed owned by the receiver and no longer in ownership of the CBP.

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All information featured above is for viewing purposes only. To obtain up-to-date information about overseas shipment, please notify your nearest Consulate.